A New Year And New Beginnings

It’s a New Year and New Beginnings. As someone who has been in the tv business practically since graduating college, it only seems natural that things like movies, music or pop culture play a huge influence in my day to day life. I consider it the perfect storm. My passions also happens to be the things that allows me to provide for my family, a roof over our heads and money in our savings and 401k for the future. As a father and husband, being able to see my young ones quickly embrace the things I love is simply a fascinating fact of life. Daily, it puts a grin on my face which is typically accompanied with “I can’t believe I made a kid.” Throw in the fact that I too at their age once brandished light sabers while trying to escape the evil empire lurking in the dark woods of suburban Ohio. Imagination, our miniature Star Wars figures for guidance and lose parental restrictions is really all we needed. Which brings me to the passing of Carrie Fisher at the end of 2016. Like her millions of fans, I too couldn’t help but stare at the ground for long periods of time knowing our “Princess” was no longer there. I certainly have never met Carrie Fisher in person. But from what I’ve read, she truly lived a life that was genuine as it was exciting.¬† Authentic in every sense of the word. Caring to the bone. Loved her dog. A human being with kindness as her beacon. Right along with Bowie and Prince, a painful 2016 came and gone with many sad endings and lives lost. It literally was chapters of my youth being torn from its glue bindings. I am glad it’s over and each night I hold my family closer, grateful, feeling their warmth on my chest.

It’s A New Year and New Beginnings. I am excited and appreciative on so many levels especially this thing we call music. I am grateful for that fact that we as five as band mates continue to respect and cherish what we have. It’s not easy finding band mates who are in the same boat as you. The same priorities, the same focus, the same love for the things that matter. We have officially begun 2017 as Box Office Giants. We are a band that plays all those iconic songs from all those iconic movies you’ve come to love. We’ve rebranded and retooled from the old moniker or The Quills. Nobody including ourselves really knows what a quill is. We continue to use the force when battling angry Joe in the front row who insists we play “Freebird” all night long. And we can certainly still the rock the hell outa the front row and beyond. Maybe turning it up passed eleven when needed. Maybe in honor of our Princess, we should actually learn the theme song from Star Wars. Better yet, maybe the music being played in the Cantina Bar when Luke and Obe Wan Kenobi meet Han Solo for the first time.A New Year And New Beginnings

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