Who are the members of Box Office Giants? What do you get when you put five guys who have different paths, influences and from different generations but yet thrive off the 80’s and 90’s?  Well you get The Quills. Hang with us here as we explain. Formed in the Summer of 2015. Inspired by bands like The Cure, Johnny Cash, Violent Femmes and Marshall Tucker, The Quills were fascinated with all those one hit wonder, head turning 80’s 90’s alternative and rock songs everyone had forgotten about. Then they started adding more songs like Footloose, Don’t You Forget About Me, Born To Be Wild and Ghostbusters, memorable songs from all those memorable movies or box office giants.  In fact they kept adding more and more when one day, a lightbulb went off in their heads. Box Office Giants they became, playing all those memorable songs from those iconic, memorable movies. Of course with their own Box Office Giants rock flair. Their shows are loud, sweaty and guaranteed to have you dancing in your shoes or bobbing your cranium which is different from the throbbing in your cranium when you are trying to figure out what the hell a “Quill” is.  The members of Box Office Giants are as follows:

Doug Lemoine – Vocals/Guitars

“I am a seventh generation Louisianian and hail from the glorious northern shores of Lake Ponchartrain. I am lucky enough to have the three prettiest daughters in the world and the greatest family and friends that a man can be blessed with. I became enfatuated with music at an early age and wore out three of those brown Fisher Price tape players before I was 5. When I was 15, my musical talent was discovered by my 7th grade history teacher at a play tryout. I began singing and haven’t stopped since. I learned how to play the guitar and I’ve played with and directed my church choir for the last 17 years. Now, I’m with the Quills. Some would say we rock and roll all night.. And party every day.. And they would be right. Because we do.”

Jeff Funk – Vocals/Guitars

“What typically happens when you have a mom who’s a classical trained pianist, brother that has done the California indie scene for eons and two sisters who have traveled Europe singing? Well you just sorta join the fun.  Piano and violin lessons at a very early stage but it wasn’t till I walked out of a mall during college with $124 Red Samick Stratocaster that really did the trick. BTW that $124 included an amp, cables and case, all which I still have to this very day. Fast forward post college, I played heavily in the Atlanta music scene with the likes of Julep, Lindsay Rakers, Hadley Poole and various other bands. But it was the long stint with Bedhead “Atlanta’s favorite cover band” that really sealed the deal. After moving to New Orleans, I found myself “semi retired” (ha) musically until I was dragged on to stage to jam with the likes of The Molly Ringwalds, Chee Weez and Category 6, three of the Big Easy’s biggest acts.  Got that itch again, got the wife’s blessing and The Quills were born.”

Tyler Nesbit – Vocals/Bass

“I was born in the great city of New Orleans. I am currently working recording an acoustic album with my beautiful fiancé Leann. I am much more than just a music enthusiast. Every part of my life revolves around music and all of the creative elements having to do with it. I am a luthier (guitar builder), often restoring and rebuilding stringed instruments. I studied classical guitar for several years at Southeastern Louisiana University and also earned a degree in music business, as well as being certified as an audio engineer working with several local music venues. I also teach guitar, bass, drums and piano at Shield’s Studios, an excellent local music school.  Between being a music instructor and audio engineer, I still find time to regularly gig as a professional musician. Coming from a very musically inspired family it’s no wonder I have chosen this career path. Music is the most beautiful and widely understood language that can be appreciated by anyone and everyone regardless of their background.”

Ben Brown – Vocals/Guitars

“Mystory started when I quit playing violin to take up electric guitar at the age of 13.  I first fell in love with classic rock and roll,then jazz,then rock again. After accumulating a variety of styles during my time at the Jazz department at NOCCA and at the Butler School of Music at UT Austin, I have employed my versatility to help change it up a little…. my own spin and sound on all those 80’s and 90’s songs you loved.   My style has been influenced by guitarists such as John Scofield, John Frusciante, Jimi Hendrix, and yes… Michael J. Fox!”

Kyle Melancon – Drums

By day, he is an Account Executive in radio.  By night, he bangs on the drums like a crazed man.  Kyle has traveled the world holding down percussion for New Orleans’ favorites Dash Rip Rock and The Imagination Movers.  In that role, he’s had the incredible opportunity to play by side with some of the best in the business. You should hear the stories about life on the road. Grab some popcorn!

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